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Quality Mulching Services in Birmingham, AL

EnviroCare Mulching & Land Clearing, LLC is your go-to business whenever you need high-quality mulching services in Birmingham, AL. We specialize in forestry mulching, an ideal land-clearing method for garden maintenance.

We ensure we don't cause any disturbance to your soil by using the appropriate equipment for removing trees, brush, and grass. We also use an excavator with a brush cutter attachment, allowing the operator to reach out the arm of the machine as we remove your unwanted trees, brush, and grass. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Benefits of Forestry Mulching

This method of removing trees is good for the environment because the nutrients from the long-standing greenery are reintroduced to the soil, providing it with rich, healthy minerals that are recycled into the ecosystem. Forestry mulching also helps in the following:

  • Prevention of Soil Erosion
  • Pasture Restoration 
  • Preparation for a More Desirable Landscape 
  • Soil Improvement

Explore the Benefits of Forestry Mulching

The benefits of forestry mulching for your garden are undeniable. So far, it's the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to clean up your property or start landscaping plans. So, contact us whenever you need help clearing alien vegetation or removing damaged trees on your property. We offer free consultations to our forestry mulching service customers.