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Eco-Friendly Land Clearing Services in Birmingham, AL

Are you looking at making some updates to your property? Maybe you need a clear lot to begin working on a new project? No matter the reason, let the professionals at EnviroCare Mulching & Land Clearing, LLC assist you with our land clearing services in Birmingham, AL.

From clearing the way for fire breaks, trails, and survey lines to helping you prepare for new construction, our services are the safe and responsible way to begin your upcoming project. Even better, we offer green land clearing solutions to help you open up the space you need without harming the environment.

Contact our licensed and bonded professionals today to learn more about how we can help you with our cost-effective, environmentally-friendly services. Our methods, including tree removal, are designed to return natural materials to the soil for improved fertility. We work with both residential and commercial clients.

About Us

As more and more people learn the importance of adopting green lifestyles, the demand for environmentally-friendly services has increased. This increase has led people to change the way they do business. Our small, family-owned company is proud to be an environmentally responsible clearing and mulching service that is passionate about protecting the outdoors. That is why the services we provide are designed with a minimal carbon footprint in mind.

Make your land better suited to your needs with the help of EnviroCare Mulching & Land Clearing, LLC. In addition to our competitive prices and comprehensive services, we also eliminate the need for you to obtain costly permits. Interested in learning how? Then reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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Charles McKenna has extensive training and experience in the land clearing industry from his time working at Mako Forestry and leading our team. As a lifelong hunter, he truly respects the land and has a strong knowledge of local flora. He was also raised on a farm, which is why he takes great pride in protecting Mother Nature as much as possible while also working with her to create the perfect spaces for all of his clients. 

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